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For Body

Our natural approach is designed to leave you nourished and moisturized as well as cleansed and renewed. Give us a try and see for yourself!  All of our products are specially crafted by hand, in small batches, with tender love and  care. We always use all natural ingredients, so you won’t find any harsh chemicals or additives here. Our customers enjoy our hair care products, bath bars, silky smooth lotions, fantastic sugar scrubs, and facial bars, with the guarantee of a chemical free, and healthier way to stay clean and moisturized. We strive to make sure that we produce the highest quality products without all of the negative effects that  mass production soaps and cleansers have, which can actually damage your hair and skin. Many mass produced scrubs and detergents are made with harsh damaging chemicals that can leave your skin and hair dried out and under-nourished.  For more information, please visit our 'About Us' page.

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